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Grammar Slammer Deluxe Checkers 4.2

Affordable English grammar and spelling corrector
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Grammar Slammer Deluxe with Spelling and Grammar Checkers (or Grammar Slammer Deluxe with Checkers) is a multiplatform program for native and non-native English speakers who need a serious application that can correct their grammar and spelling mistakes when writing in English. This utility has a small toolbar with six context-sensitive icons that give instant access to the application itself, the help guide, the grammar and spelling glossary, the commands launcher, and the ordering information menu. We can drag-drop this toolbar around the screen. Using this program is an easy task. We can paste the text into the program's window and set the application to check the HTML text or the plain text for grammar or spelling mistakes. When a grammar mistake is detected, this program suggests one main alternative and the list of possible alternatives, plus a brief grammar explanation. We can opt to correct it, ignore it, or go to the grammar glossary and view the explanation if available. This glossary provides basic grammar explanations and examples. We can configure the spelling and grammar settings.

The major disadvantage is that some of the suggested corrections are seriously wrong. I have found the following bugs: during grammar correction, the pop-up window shows the suggestion for the previous mistake. Moreover, we cannot delete a word by using the "delete" key because it does not work.

The best thing is that there is a free evaluation version, and also a help file that provides reasonable information about what to expect of this grammar checker.
This program is the most advanced edition of the Grammar Slammer series. The other two editions are Grammar Slammer Deluxe (Grammar and Spelling Help), and Grammar Slammer (English Grammar Help).

Review summary


  • Glossary of commonly made mistakes
  • Grammar glossary with explanation and examples
  • Free trial version
  • Multiplatform


  • The "delete" key does not work
  • Some of the corrections are wrong
  • Sometimes the suggestion for the previous mistake is shown
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